New Montreal food trucks for 2015

By on April 29, 2015

New Food trucks montrealNew food trucks in Montreal this year are waiting to satisfy our street food cravings. From Lebanese to Chinese, Mexican, Indian and Polish, the new batch of offerings represent a diversity of the flavours we find in the Montreal dining scene without the formality of table service or hassle of reservations.

Here are the new food trucks to look out for on the streets of Montreal this season.

Decca 77 Mobile
When an established restaurant opens up a mobile branch the result is usually an instant success. With ten years experience cooking from their downtown destination these guys know a thing or two about French cooking. Look out for LIST SAMPLE MENU ITEMS HERE.

Duck Truck MTL
There’s more than duck on the menu at this Montreal food truck. While seemingly obligatory offerings like a braised duck sandwich are on offer here, non-fowl-eaters can dig into a hearty beet salad and bloody-caesar-style gazpacho. Keep an eye on this truck to find out what delicious concoctions they come up with next.

La Cantine Libanaise
Since Montreal has a sizeable Lebanese population, it’s only proper that Lebanon’s culinary traditions make an appearance in food truck form.

Le Nice Truck
They might be nice but the name of this truck actually refers to the city in southern France. If you’re looking for a taste of the French Riviera, this bright blue and yellow truck is where you’ll find it in all it’s delicious simplicity.

L’EXPRESS mobile
When you have a craving for slightly greasy Chinese food, no substitutes will do. That’s why L’Express comes as somewhat of a godsend. Expect to fill up on Imperial rolls, won ton soup and General Tao chicken along with non Chinese offerings such as sushi and pad thai.

Queen B
This burrito truck is giving everyone’s favourite handheld food a bit of a Mediterranean makeover. Expect to find classic favourites like al pastor alongside unconventional options such as pulled Greek chicken and merguez sausage. Plus, they promise something for vegans and no gluten, soya, nuts, shellfish or seafood in sight.

Traiteur Guru
While you might have already had the chance to try their spicy, flavourful food in the past, the bright orange truck that dishes out Indian cuisine is now officially part of the City of Montreal’s food truck project. Get ready to indulge in rich butter chicken, vegetarian samosas and chana chaat salad and wash it all down with a refreshing mango slushy.

Cuisine Authentique Polonaise
While their brick and mortar restaurant in Centre-Sud is no more, this revamped version of the Euro Polonia truck brings to the streets homey Polish dishes done right. Pierogi lovers need to track this truck down for a taste of their homemade, potato-filled pasta and Polish sausages.

What truck are you most looking forward to trying this year? Let us know in the comments.

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