10 food trucks that can satisfy a sweet tooth in Montreal

By on July 20, 2015

Landry et filles popsicle

Montreal food trucks can satisfy a sweet tooth. Whether you’re looking for something classic and refreshing or a category-bending, sweet overload. These trucks bring you back to childhood when you might have traded in your sibling for a cupcake. Now, all you have to do is get in line.

Here are 10 trucks that can satisfy a sweet tooth in Montreal.

Landry & Filles

There’s a real mom’s cooking vibe at this food truck, so it makes sense for them to sell the kind of treat mama (or dad) might have given you as a kid. Summertime for me always meant popsicles, and you can refresh yourself here with their delicious, homemade fruity ones.


For something extra indulgent and authentic, Gaufrabec is your sweet tooth destination. Anissa Benomar is a Belgian expat who brought her recipe for the fluffy dessert with her. Go for the chocolate and strawberry waffle for something that will surely put you in a sugar coma.


This Bavarian-inspired truck is all about taking its cuisine to the next level and going a bit extreme. Sweet treats are no exception to the rule. They’ve practically broken the time-space continuum with their Oreos and Nutella puff pastry pockets wrapped in bacon, so save some room for dessert.

Lola's petits gâteaux cupcakes

Lola’s Petits Gâteaux

With a bright pink truck, healthy dose of creativity and a whole lot of sugar, the ladies behind Lola’s are always pushing the envelope when it comes to cupcakes. You can try classic, indulgent flavours like turtles or check out their amazing originals like plum sake with wasabi peas or maple and bacon.

Chocolate Donuts

CRémy Mobile

While they’re no longer on the streets, you’ll still see these guys dressed like a barbershop quartet at food truck events throughout the city, pushing donuts like they’re going out of style. Their creations are huge, and flavour combinations like nothing else you will find. Chocolate brownie? Stout beer? Popcorn? Why not?

Le Cheese Truck

You might have tried a number of their awesome, cheesy dishes like the mac ‘n’ cheese and grilled cheese, but they also make fried cheesecake balls that could bring you to tears. It’s what Sarah Lee wishes it could be and what you’ll want if you need to show your liver who’s in control.

Mr Cremeux

Monsieur Crémeux

Ice cream tops many ‘a list of favourite foods, and this truck from the Pastaga team does it right. They make creamy soft serve that’s less sweet than your average cone, as well as ice cream sandwiches and sundaes topped with fresh, seasonal ingredients, so get it while it’s hot! Or cold…


In Paris, you practically can’t walk a block without smelling the aroma of cooking butter that can only be associated to crepes. These guys have brought the cuisine to our streets, and their traditional, sweet options like butter and sugar, chestnut cream and Nutella will keep you coming back.

Ti-Gros Cookie

Le point sans g

Gluten-free diners can appreciate the baked treats at the city’s only truck that kicks gluten to the curb. The cookies here are so tender and soft they’ll make you forget about wheat all together. I dare you to get your hands on a chocolate “ti-gros” and keep yourself together.

Le Nice Truck

As with everything else they make, this truck with owners who hail from the south of France brings a Mediterranean touch to their desserts. They fry up bugnes, the region’s version of donuts. They’re little pieces of fried dough in a sweet sauce for dipping, so you’ll be licking your fingers.

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