Get your taco fix at these Montreal food trucks

By on September 11, 2015

IMG_9805Montreal food trucks are dishing up delectable tacos curbside. From traditional fish tacos to tacos filled with tuna tartare these kitchens on wheels are here to satisfy your craving.

Get your fill of tacos from these 5 Montreal trucks.

Grumman 78
This bright lime green truck serves up Mexican-inspired tacos. The rotating menu offers tacos with Thai and Vietnamese twists alongside a classic ancho beef and feta with pimenton.

Le Quai Roulant
Get your fill of Eastern Maritime eats right in the heart of Montreal. Seafood is their specialty and the truck offers up a fish taco stuffed with crispy golden fried fish, salsa, guacamole, cabbage and cilantro.

Route 27
Just like their restaurant, Marché 27, this Montreal food truck specializes in all things raw. Pony up for tacos filled with raw yellow fin tuna and mango salsa.

This surf and turf mobile eatery serves up crispy fish tacos worth tracking down.

Alexis le Gourmand
Ever tried a turkey taco? Quebec turkey takes over the menu of this Montreal food truck with all sorts of incarnations including tacos, so get gobbling.

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